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Band M - Bossfit
Band M - Bossfit
Band M - Bossfit


Band M

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The BossFit Band is a fitness product designed to strengthen and shape the muscles of the gluteus, hips and legs. With the BossFit Band, you can perform over 25 different exercises (i.e. hip thrust, glute bridge, squats, step, extension and hip abduction)
Made of high-quality materials, BossFit Band is comfortable, does not slide or roll when exercising. It is safe to place directly on the skin. The BossFit Band is an ideal  for workouTs at home, but also in gym or in nature because it is lightweight and takes up little space in the bag. 

BossFit Band M

The BossFit Band M is universal training tool designed both for begginers and andvanced level users. It is used in wider stance workouts such as sumo squats and deadlifts, all kind of lunges.

For full training experience, we suggest using both BossFit Band so you can scale your workouts.